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The Value of Magic as a Teaching Tool - Free PDF Teaching Tool

Posted on June 16, 2016 at 7:50 AM


The Value of Magic as a Teaching Tool - Free PDF Teaching Tool


The Nelsons have put together a nice 25 page PDF to faciliate teaching magic to kids of all ages. Although the effects they teach are not difficult, they do serve to make their point. There are a couple of detailed articles about magic and several lists of interest to magicians. Nothing to download. The PDF will open when you click the link. Since it's designed for printing and freely distributing.. it's printer frendly.


- Learning magic involves provides practice at following and interpreting printed instructions.


- Learning magic involves reading, research and memory work. Practicing magic teaches that patience and perseverance bring rewards.


- The performance of magic involves learning how to plan and multi-task.


- Performing magic provides practice at public speaking skills.


- Learning to perform magic provides shy people with a special ability that can help boost confidence.


- Performing magic involves developing creative writing skills used in creating "patter" scripts to go along with tricks. Creative writing skills are also required for scripting actions in magic routines and recording instructions on how to perform tricks.


- Practicing small magic tricks improves dexterity in people with normal motor skills.


- For people with impaired motor skills, learning magic tricks provides the motivation to do therapeutic exercises that result in improved movement and gratification from achievement when a trick is successfully performed.


- Inventing or developing a magic trick involves problem solving, learning how to think outside the box, and inspires the use of imagination and creativity.


- Building magic tricks requires use of drawing, design, crafting and other artistic skills.


- Magic inspires us with wonder and causes us to consider what it might be possible to achieve.


- It teaches us that we can be fooled and that we don't always know or understand everything.


- Magic encourages us to think.

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